About Me


I went to school to become an elementary education teacher, detoured into retail management, and found my way into church ministry. Now my days are filled with momming (it's totally a verb), baking, writing, homework, volunteer work, and anything else thrown my way.

I believe in finding and celebrating the breath of God in the every day, and that sometimes a gentle, simple group of words is the best way to reflect the complex and bold beauty of the world.

I believe in the fierce. I believe in a generation of girls and women finding their voice. A generation who are the heroes of their own story, who fight their own battles, and slay their own dragons.

I believe in fresh baked bread, strong coffee, and finding the spaces where radical hospitality and social justice meet.

I've been with my wonderful best friend for fifteen years - married over twelve. We have three beautiful little girls together, all eight and under. Our hope is to find one or two more who would want us as their forever family.

I find a home in what is one of the best corners of the internet, the Mudroom. Each month we make room for people. We've created a space for the stories emerging in the midst of the mess. And there is a spot there for you.

I've been walking with Jesus for as long as I can remember. Some days it's a brisk jog, some days it's more of a crawl. There are things about this Kingdom living that I just don't understand. But I know that God is good. That has to be enough.
I have more questions then answers and that's okay.

Join me as I share stories of brokenness, redemption, and beauty. I'd love to hear yours as well.

You can find me here on Facebook or connect with me on Twitter. So settle in and let's get to know each other.