Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Prayer for the Summer

It's the first day of summer, and I'm worried it is almost over. We have ten weeks, but it feels as if they are slipping away and I haven't dried my eyes yet from yesterday, seeing them run through the door of their school into my arms, when they start to fill up again at the idea of them going back for 42 weeks without me. This is a special summer to me, the last one before our littlest is off to school all day and the house will be quiet for the first time. 76 days with the girls who bring laughter and joy to our home. (76 days with the girls who can fight and yell and cry, but I'll take it.)

I sit in my chair, the one I rocked my babies in that is in the corner of the office where the windows meet and allow the light to pour in, and I pray.

I pray for mornings that linger before the sun burns hot. Mornings where the plants are watered, the coffee stays hot, the girls sleep soundly, and where the only sound is the keys on my keyboard as I write without interruption.

I pray for sunny warm days for the pool. The kind of days where the sun warms the water but leaves their skin sheltered. 

I pray for rain. I pray for rain to keep the grass green and the hydrangeas lush. I pray that it come in those early mornings during the week and that on the weekend, when we are all together, the rain clouds stay far away.

I pray for books, books, and more books. I pray for adventures on the high seas, trips to the Revolutionary War, time spent on the prairie, and exploits with fairies, hobbits, and wizards.

I pray for sand and sunscreen, grass stains on shorts and popsicle juice on t-shirts, and bruises and scrapes. I pray for laughter and screams and songs.

I pray for audio books and Broadway show tunes. For the Story of the World and the latest Magic Tree House. 

I pray for miles to be travelled on bikes, laps to be swum in the pool, and too many trips on roller coasters to count.

I pray for dinners cooked on the grill and eaten outside. For lemonade and remembering to drink enough water. For trips to the ice cream shop, visits to the ice cream truck, and using our chore money for popsicles from the carts in the park that ring their bells.

I pray for minds that expand and hearts that grow.

I pray for friendships formed and memories made.

I pray for safety.

I pray for laptops that stay closed and books that remain opened.

I pray for sidewalk chalk and bubbles.

I pray that when I take them for their back to school haircuts, I don't cry in front of them.

I pray that when it is time to go back, their hearts are filled and they are able to adjust quickly.

And I pray when they remember this summer, as grainy as it may be in the back of their mind, they will remember the love and it will bring a smile to their face.