Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 3: This is Where I Struggle

Day Three didn’t get out on time. The reason? Saturday.

When our family made the shift to public school from homeschooling, one of the most noticeable shifts in how we operated as a family was how we spent our weekends. Saturday, being the most notable.  Homeschooling offers a flexibility that cannot be matched or even closely compared to public school. There is room for being able to focus on your learners, to move with their interests, and to make space for what public schoolers would call extracurricular.  Piano? You bet. Gymnastics? Why not? Dance? Of course! Theater? Absolutely. Time to run around the park and burn energy? Mandatory. Arts and crafts and quiet reading time? This is the fabric of what we do. And the beauty of it was all of that was accomplished before dinner, leaving our evenings, and most importantly, our weekends free to spend with the family.

Enter our new normal.

Meet Daughter #1 at school at 3 and let her and Daughter #3 play at the playground until Daughter #2’s bus meets us there at 3:30. Go home to have snack (they are famished after only a 13 minute lunch break) and start homework. Two nights we have some enrichment classes they couldn’t bear to give up but the rest of the evenings are spent doing homework or reading until dinnertime. Eat dinner, shower, and have about 45 minutes together until family Bible time and then bed.

Saturday. Saturday is our day. The one where we can let them sleep in. They all start crawling in bed with us around 7 and stay there until we have breakfast. But instead of lazy days together spent exploring the city, we now start taking them to dance class or rehearsals, because we are trying to leave their school day evenings free. Saturdays are full and good and we watch them dance and leap and beam and do the things they love, but they go fast and before we know it we are eating dinner and curled up on the couch for family movie night. Saturdays, despite all the back and forth have become sacred. Those minutes and hours here and there I both guard and savor.

And that is why Day 3 didn’t post quite on time.

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