Thursday, October 1, 2015

Confessions of a Public School Mom - Introduction

One of my greatest fears in life is disappointing people. You will never see me making sweeping statements online about fitness goals or eating plans. The idea of telling people I am going to do something and then not follow through is just about the worse thing I can imagine. So the idea of saying I am planning on writing for 31 days in a row? Well, that’s not in the cards.

But yet, here I am.

Welcome to Confessions of a Public School Mom.

Why should you stay and read? Well, I write this for us. I write for the Homeschooling Mamas out there who can’t understand why on earth I would send my kids to be educated by the Public School System. I write this for my fellow Public School Parents even as we wrestle with Common Core, Lockdown Drills, School Boards, taxes, bussing, testing, safety, bullying, and, and, and. But most importantly, I write this for myself. I write this to remember why we do this; why our family chose this path not out of convenience, but out of conviction.

I hope you will join me this month. No matter what path we choose for our children and our family, we are in this together.

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