Sunday, May 17, 2015

Trinitarian Theology for Toddlers: A Guest Post for Mihee Kim-Kort

It's a hazy Sunday morning as I add this post to the blog. I am sipping coffee and listening to the birds sing their morning song while the rest of the family sleeps, blissfully unaware I am awake. Our church is doing a series on children and isn't it just perfect timing a guest post I wrote on the same subject is live this weekend.

It is probably my largest parenting insecurity, and I spilled it all out.....

When you have kids later than your friends, it is possible to lull yourself into a false sense that you will know what you are doing. You will have the ability to quietly, and let me assure you oh so graciously, armchair quarterback their parenting, believing you will be able to avoid all their pitfalls and lead your own children down the primrose path of enlightenment. You will also keep a tally of all the amazing things they do and list them on a mental to do list for when you have your own. Ask me how I know.
Honestly, I knew parenting would be hard. I knew it would both bring me great joy and regularly rip my heart out. I knew I would be challenged daily. But as a former children’s minister, I was confident knowing the one area I would be strong in was raising my children to love God. The idea of dealing with scraped knees, broken bones, and broken hearts might have left me holding my breath, but telling my children about the Bible and the love of their Heavenly Father was a piece of cake.
And when they were little, it was.

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