Monday, November 24, 2014

We Remember - In the Edges of the Day

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. Normally at this time I start to feel a surge of stress. I think of the gifts for teachers that should could be bought, the cookies for neighbors to be baked, the meals to be prepped, the Christmas decorations to be brought out and put up. Advent hasn't even started and I am lost in the noise of expectations and the trappings of making things look beautiful.

This year I am going to pause.

I want to remember.

I want to remember this year. The eleven months of memories we have made so far.

I want to remember the friends we have made. The relationships born and strengthened this year. The connections we made. The way life was shared. The evenings of talks around fires and children playing too late in the evening. The texts, the emails, and the phone calls. The prayers for each other and the belief that God has so much in store for us.

I want to remember the loss. I want to honor relationships changed. I want to let go of dreams that died. Plans that veered off course. I want to let them go, palms down, and hand them back to the Father who gives and takes away, even when it feels painful and unfair.

I want to remember milestones. I want to think of the lost teeth, the first days of school, and new skills acquired. I want to remember the times she tried something hard and succeeded! I want to remember the times she tried something hard and failed. The firsts and the lasts. The success and the failure. All of it is good. All can be remembered.

I want to remember the decisions I've made. The ones that were good. Even the ones I regret.

I want to remember the times I felt alive. The times I knew I was walking in my calling. The times I was hearing the Spirit speak to me and following. I want to remember the times I felt God’s love pour out of me. I want to remember the times I felt Kingdom come right here on earth because I was doing what I have been called to do.

And as we gather around the table on Thursday, I want to remember the meals shared. Memories made. Laughter. Tears. Prayers. All so good. All to be honored.

This week, pause and remember. Remember all of this. Release this year and leave room for preparation. We are about to usher in the coming King. We are opening our home and our heart for the Messiah. We let go of our success and failure so have room for the King of King and Prince of Peace to rule in our hearts.

We will wait with expectation.

But today, today we remember.

What do you want to remember this year?


Join us at In the Edges of the Day for some low stress, guided activities to help you remember this week as we prepare for Advent.


  1. Yes to all of this. Holding these words in my heart this week. So much to be thankful for. And still so much more to behold, let go, retrieve, and rest.

  2. I want to remember my original mission, which is to love, to love, to love! I want to remember that this is more than an ideal, but rather a daily opportunity to practice. To show, by words and actions to the people in my life, that God is love, and love is real.

  3. I want to remember that I took a lot of risks this year, I was really brave, I was held, encouraged, delivered, supported, and transformed. It was a good year. And 2015 is going to be even better.

  4. I want to remember how God provided and lavished His love on our family while my husband was deployed. I want to remember the many beautiful conversations I had with my husband via Skype while he was away. And I want to remember what it felt like that day my husband returned home. Beautiful post. So glad I stopped by.

  5. I too want to remember teeth lost... A six year old who learned about 10s and ones and was so darn proud of it. The day I crashed my car seriously and there was not a scratch on me or my 3 young children. I want to remember the little gifts and the big.