Sunday, November 30, 2014

Palm Up, Palms Down

I spent a Saturday walking the grounds of a Catholic seminary this past summer. Most of the people there on the last day of May, as the sun burned hot on my skin, were on a silent retreat. For twenty-four hours the world was eerily quiet. The kind of quiet that leads you to have to face your demons, or in my case, face God. There was no hiding the anger and the fear that was coming out each time I opened my mouth.

The night before I was reminded of a practice from Richard Foster, “Palms Up, Palms Down.”

Simply put, you find a quiet place, put your palms down, and release all of your fears and anxieties to God. You let yourself feel them drop from your tight grip and fall to the ground. Then you turn your palms back up and ask for peace and what you need. You allow Him to fill you back up as you sit in silence.



The things I am often lacking in my life.

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But today the sun is certainly not warm. The cold air fills my lungs and the days are short. The only light that shines comes from the tree in the corner of my living room and the candle in my Advent wreath. 

The Hope candle.

Seeing past the darkness to embrace the Light. But it is hard to see when you are holding on to things that block your view.

 Palms up. Palms down.

Where is your Hope?

What is it that you need this Advent season? 

What do you need to give back?

Today I want you to carve out some time – even just five minutes – and pray a Palms Up Palms Down prayer of your own. Give back to God the things that are weighing you, the things that are holding you back from being the woman, the writer, the artist, the creator that you are designed to be. Allow Him to infuse back to you peace, inspiration, wisdom, strength, or whatever it is you need. Then share with us, if you want to, your experience. We want to encourage you and to pray alongside you.

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