Tuesday, October 7, 2014

In the Edge of the Day - An Introduction

I woke up the other day and somehow, it was October. Three months left of the year. And these happen to be my favorite three months of the entire year. 

This is how it goes for me, perhaps you can relate?



Yay! Bring out all the Fall decorations. Buy all the mums.

Pumpkin lattes! Pumpkin bread! Pumpkin tea! Pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin decorating.

Shoot. The kids need costumes. Let’s figure out what we are going to do. Start looking at thrift stores. 

Looked a little too late and now we are starting to run out of time. Hurry. Still can’t find what I need. Quick go to Target. Oh, and candy for the neighborhood kiddos. Costco run, stat!

Phew. That was so much fun. Can’t believe it is now November.

Shoot. It’s November. Thanksgiving is this month. I forgot to get the Thankful tree ready ahead of time. It’s already Day 2 and I haven’t made it yet. Hurry. Quick. Need to make sure we relax and can spend our days being grateful. Did I say what I was thankful for on Facebook yet? I’m going to look so ungrateful if I don’t catch up.

(Insert here frantic and exciting plans for anniversary – yay!)

Whoops, almost Thanksgiving. Who are we inviting? Let’s just have a small gathering, just immediate family.

“Mom, how come we aren’t inviting others? I don’t think Jesus would like this…..”

Cue inviting one other and then realizing that you now have 12 people coming over. Without fail. Every year. Why did I even pretend we wouldn't?

That was so life giving. I can’t tell you how glad I am we did that. Thanksgiving is meant to be spent with a full dining room, a messy kitchen, and an always open front door. Now let’s relax this weekend.

(Unless you are a Black Friday shopper, then God bless ya………)

Holy cow. How is it December first?! I need to do Advent!!! IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS PEOPLE!!!!

Quick, check Pinterest because there will be tons of ways to keep this all centered on Jesus.

48 hours later…..


What are we going to buy the kids for Christmas? Are we exchanging with family members? How come the tree isn't up yet?

We are losing precious memories people!!!!!!

Bake all the things.

TEACHER GIFTS! Who do we have to get to give to this year?

Get thee to Michaels!!!

Wait. We forgot about _____________.


Were we going to take a family photo? Do we have matching clothes? Who will take the picture? I should have done this earlier. 

Forget it.

Are we doing Christmas cards? Do I even have addresses?

Cue Facebook status, “Hey everyone, this year I am FINALLY going to send out Christmas cards. I mean it. Really. I will actually send them out this year.”

Go to purchase Christmas cards.

Realize you still have last year’s cards addressed but never mailed.

Are stamps the same? Did postage go up? Did I put old pictures in and then seal? Hmmm…. Can I steam them open? Will it be tacky to tape them shut? Maybe I can find big Christmas stickers to cover it up.

Christmas Eve. That’s our big meal day. Who is coming? Do I have enough things that are vegetarian/gluten free/dairy free/low-fat/low-carb/paleo/whole food/not spicy?

Did we get the kids’ gifts?

Did I get Adam a gift?

Christmas pajamas.

Santa cookies.

Please just go to sleep.

Put food in crockpot for next day because let’s face it, you aren’t lifting a finger tomorrow.

Christmas morning. Resist the urge to post a picture of your tree with gifts under it because let’s be honest, that’s just obnoxious. (Seriously, don’t do this)

Try to brush hair and put on lip gloss before kids get up in case you end up in a picture.

Be grateful they savor opening presents and that it takes all day.

Secretly wish they would just hurry up and open them so you can move on and rest.

Throw out all the wrapping paper.

Cuddle with kids on couch in blankets and wonder if you talked about Jesus enough this month.


Does any of this sound familiar?

In varying degrees, this happens every year. We start out the season with these beautiful ideas of how it will all look and we get sucked into some strange vortex we don’t want to even be a part of.

I don't want to wake up on December 26th and realize this happened again. I’m not going to get caught up in things that aren’t that important. I don’t want to get pulled under by the desire to buy more than I need, bake more than necessary.

Somehow the idea of bounty that flows throughout these months turns into an exercise in hoarding.

I’m over it.

This year I am doing it differently. And I’d love for you to join me.

In the Edges of the Day: An Advent Journey,” is a community focused on finding Jesus underneath the wrapping paper and in between all the things that vie for our attention. Each Monday there will be a blog post that helps us find our center. Then, on the community page, there will be different activities designed for you to reconnect.

Advent doesn't have to be fast paced and a blur. Let's redefine it for ourselves.

Let's find Jesus in the edges of the day.


Be sure to keep up to date by visiting either my Facebook page or the community page. We start in earnest on Monday, November 24th, but before that I will be posting each week some ideas of ways we can start preparing both our homes and our hearts now.


  1. Brenna, this sounds wonderful! Looking forward to it!

  2. I'm looking forward to following along! Is this something anybody can join? You know how I love me some liturgical seasons.

  3. This is most lovely Brenna and all of it so true. I'm looking forward to pulling up a seat.