Thursday, March 6, 2014

You Were Born for Such a Time as This

My Little Dragon Slayers,

I whisper it in your ear whenever I get the chance, “You are so smart and full of imagination. You can do ANYTHING you want to.”

“I know, Mom,” you say smiling, yet slightly exasperated, “You tell me that all the time.”

You’re right, I do say it a lot, but your momma has to, because the world is whispering something else every time it gets a chance. The world whispers to you that you aren't good enough. That you aren't strong enough. It will tell you that there are things you can’t do because you are growing into a woman. There will be notes written on napkins saying you can’t be a pilot with a "nice Bible verse" scribbled down. There will be roadblocks and bumps along the way. You’ll be offered pay less than what a man will receive just because you are born a woman. You will be criticized and judged for the length of your skirt and the type of bathing suit you wear; for how much makeup you might wear and the way you choose your to wear your hair. They will tell you to find your place and play nice. Some of those voices will even be within the Church. You are born into a society that still doesn't value you the way that your Creator does.

Last weekend I watched the Academy Awards and they showed a 3:30 minute montage of famous heroes from cinema and of those 3:30 minutes maybe 30 seconds showcased women. They’ll say it’s because there aren't as many women heroes in film, and while there is some unfortunate truth in that, there is a bigger reason. What I’ll say is this - deep down, in places that people don’t want to bring to light, they are scared.

They are scared that to see what you can do. They are scared to see what will happen when a generation of women rises up, unfettered and unaffected by the shame they try to heap upon you. They are scared to see what happens when the burning passion that God put in you comes out, joined not just by your sisters in blood, but through the Sisterhood that you know nothing of yet.

You, my loves, are a generation of heroes. Don’t believe the lies. Don’t let them tell you that women aren't heroes. You are the hero of your own story and of countless stories yet to be written. Here is your bow and arrow. Here is your sword and shield. Tell me what you want to make happen and I will help you find your tools.

Photo Courtesy of Jenifer Upton

You want to create a masterpiece? Here are your paints. You want to write stories? Let’s gather your pencils and paper. You want to build buildings? Here are some Legos and blocks and now let’s learn about them. You want to be strong and master that cartwheel then go up the climbing wall? Then baby, let’s practice. You want to speak out the words that God is burning onto your heart? Here's the mic. Your momma will not rest until you know deep in the marrow how you are capable and so very talented. I will whisper that mantra to you until you know the gifts God has placed in you; I see them, I affirm them, I bless them, and I will help you bring them to fruition.

You come from a long line of women strong, bold, loving, kind, and fearless. A line of women who have purpose and passion coursing through their veins and the fire of God in their eyes. Their DNA runs through your veins. Do you feel it?

You come from Deborah, the Mother of Israel, the Judge, who led an army to victory when others were unsure and scared.

You come from Mary who heard the voice of God and dared to allow herself to be ridiculed in order to birth the Future.

You come from Junia, an apostle called “outstanding.”

You come from the prophetess Anna, who called out to God and was greatly rewarded for her faithfulness.

You come from Queen Esther, who was born for such a time as this.

Oh, loves. There are so many more. So many more.

Girls, you were born for such a time as this. Do you feel it? Are you ready? Here are your swords.

Let’s go.


  1. I'm crying at my computer and stomping my feet.


    Amen. Amen. Amen.

    Let's go.

  2. I want to remember this always, and read it to my daughter, and give her my words, and all my support. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

  3. And this is one of the greatest gifts you can give those beautiful girls of yours, Brenna. What a legacy you are passing to them, the stories you are telling them of where they come from and where they can go. I love, love, love your momma heart.