Monday, September 23, 2013

Slaying Dragons

I sit in a room full of creatives - writers, artists, musicians, artisans, and prophets. I hear the speaker's words of life, encouraging us to find our center.....our purpose.

And all I see right now are my girls. As much as I want to deny it or minimize it, my world revolves around three little girls and I'm okay with that.

I see my big girl, hair flowing down as she sits and stares at the stars, whispering prayers up to a God she hears and talks with throughout the day and night.

I see my middle, with that smile that radiates love on her expressive and cherubic face. If you've ever been given a hug from her, count yourself lucky.

I see my little, full of fire and joy shrieking with delight. She sets the world ablaze with her passion. She is not one to be controlled.

And I know my center.

I want my girls to grow up knowing they can slay dragons. I want them to be the hero of their own story.

I want them to climb towers.
I want them to cross moats.
I want them to stare down fear.

I want them to never see themselves as second class or as a supporting character.

My girls are the main characters in a great adventure that even now is being written for them and through them. They have been created with purpose. They are going to change lives. They will be the stuff of legends.

They are truth tellers, light bearers, and hope whisperers.

I want my girls to grow up slaying dragons.

I want them to burn with passion. I want them to be filled with determination. I want them to create. To sing songs that are born in their heart, to paint with both broad and fine brush strokes, to draw with inhibition, to weave words that come to them in dreams.

I want them to build. I want them to build skyscrapers, foundations, relationships, themselves, and each other.

I want them to fight. I want them to fight injustice. To fight for the oppressed. To fight against excess. To overturn tables. To find not just their voice, but to find their roar, holy and unstoppable.

I want my girls to slay dragons.

I want them to bleed Jesus. I want them to be filled with purpose, passion, joy, love, strength, peace, faith, and fire.

I want them to be light in the dark places. To bring hope to a world that is cynical and tired.

I want grace and mercy to ooze out of their pores. I want them to see - to never be blind to the circumstances of others. I want them to look past others' quick judgement and condemnation and see the beautiful and broken world through the lens of love and compassion and unfailing hope.

I want them to find their center. And whether they find it walking through fields of flowers, the hard pavement of city streets, or in the dusty roads of lands an ocean away, I want them to grab it and let nothing stop them.

I want my girls to grow up slaying dragons.

They have Jesus running through their veins. They aren't made to be boxed in, labeled, or told what to do by a world that judges them on their looks and their hemline. I'm tired of hearing it from others - they certainly aren't going to hear it from me.

My girls are going to grow up to slay dragons - that's how their Jesus made them.


  1. "To find not just their voice, but to find their roar, holy and unstoppable." <-- Love this line.

    What an awesome prayer for your daughters. As the oldest of three girls, this resonated with me so much. I'd like to think each of us are slaying dragons in our own way, and I'm grateful for parents who had similar prayers to yours :)

  2. Thank you Brenna. Your words echo my heartbeat - I too don't want to be suspicious of grace, afraid of the gift. Blessings on you and yours, Emma