Friday, July 12, 2013

In Which I Think I Feel The Holy Spirit - A Guest Post for Sarah Bessey

Photo Credit: Jennifer Upton A Shared Lens
It was July 26, 2012 when I wrote on this blog, for "real." It was a synchroblog for Sarah Bessey and I wrote my heart out. And Sarah, graciously, came to all of us who posted. She read our words and shared comments. That comment gave me a nudge to keep writing. And here, almost one year later, I have the amazing opportunity to share my words on her blog. I am truly overwhelmed and humbled.

Join me there, as I share a story that's been stored up far too long.

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  1. Brenna, I loved your story. But I wanted to comment here because of the sheer irony of connections. I remember reading Sarah's synchro-blog last year about "what is saving your life right now?" (which is what got you blogging) and I kind of passed over it because I wasn't blogging at the time. But then you did a 6 month post which referred back to it...and that is what sparked me to slowly keep writing and blogging. Now I'm (again) in an I'm-going-to-write-consistently phase but maybe this one will stick. :) The words just needed a while to percolate...and now I think they're ready. So thanks for writing. Seeing you testing the waters helps me believe that maybe I can do it, too.