Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When the Clouds Roll In

We are three weeks into summer vacation, and already I find myself using the word more than normal. When togetherness can be too much, and there is no alone time, little hearts, little minds, little egos get bruised and battered. And I hold her in my arms, brushing her curly blonde hair with my hand and I whisper, "Grace, baby. Grace."

And When I realize that I haven't written since they have been out of school, and I miss placing words together, I whisper, "Grace, momma. Grace."

It's a little word to write out, not many letters, but we know its meaning is deep and wide and full of all that brings life to us.


I hesitate sharing that verse. I know enough from my education to understand the verse was not intended to be reduced to a self-help mantra. I get that. But when I pray for her I think of it, and I wonder if it settled on my heart and mind because I am meant to share it. But I am quieted by the noise of wise admonitions that we should be so careful because that's not what it meant and it is wrong to misinterpret and maybe something about foolishness and Pharisees. I don't know....I just know I find myself silent.


I let my insecurities get the better of me. It's burning deep down, aching to come out. I need to write it out. But wait, now is the time we are all to let the experts guide the discussion, we are only to learn. And so I find myself, still silent.


Three weeks of silence. Each day busy, full of new activities, new rhythms, new.....everything. And I've let this silence settle in deep, just as the clouds have rolled in and covered the summer's sun. So I'm gonna stretch. I'm gonna speak. I'm gonna sing.

I'm gonna sing. And I hope you sing too.


Thank you for your patience during this quiet time. I've missed writing. I've missed connecting. I have some exciting things coming up.....I hope you stick around.

And be sure to check this out; I'm really proud to be a part of this! Wild Goslings 

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  1. always love reading your words and hearing you sing!