Friday, May 10, 2013

This is How We Met - A Guest Post for Hopeful Leigh

shouldn't have been surprised. Two things I swore up and down were off limits, and here, standing before me wearing a blue polo shirt and a pair of Levis was the embodiment of both.

I almost didn't open the door that Thursday evening in May. I knew deep down that on the other side was my future.  But I did open it, and I looked up at him, pass the dimples that instantly weakened my knees and right into his blue eyes. My heart flip-flopped and my first thought was “Crap. I’m going to get married.” I've been in love ever since.


Today I am sharing at Leigh Kramer's blog as part of her "This is How We Met" series, and I couldn't be happier. I'd love for you to join me there to see how I met my husband. And as an added bonus, that Thursday evening in May I shared? That happened 13 years ago this Saturday. Enjoy reading, I'm off to get ready for a date!

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