Friday, April 19, 2013

I Wonder What They Think - Guest Post

I have been reading Alise McCoy's blog almost as long as I have been reading blogs. Here candor, humor, and transparency have sucked me in. She's also an amazing writer. I met her at STORY last year and had a totally embarrassing fan girl moment, so the fact that I get to guest post for her today leaves me blushing.


I grew up with a small, Evangelical family. With just a few cousins, we weren't close knit. The closest we ever got to an interfaith relationship was a Catholic uncle here and a "backslider" there. Looking back it is almost laughable. It was something that I didn't give a lot of thought to - we were all Christians.

Join me at Alise's where I share what happened as that whole dynamic was turned upside down when I married into my husband's beautiful family!

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