Wednesday, April 10, 2013

God of My Children - The God of This City Series

If you have not come across Emily Miller, make yourself acquainted. Yes, she is a talented writer, but her heart for hospitality and her spirit of encouragement are out of this world. Seriously. She is a gift.

Emily is hosting a series on her blog, God of This City. Be sure to catch up on all the goodness she has going on there.

I am so grateful for this opportunity, and for Emily's grace. I had planned to write something entirely different, but over the past few weeks God has been softening my heart, and reigniting a passion to live here in the city, despite the difficulties that come from it. So just hours before it was due, I rewrote the piece. This is a much more accurate reflection of my heart and thought process. Thanks for reading!

I am writing this from a dear friend's house in Florida. The window is open, and I can smell the wet, fresh earth meeting a rising sun. I hear the birds and crickets calling each other across the marsh as the smell of jasmine wafts in through the open door. It is less than three hours from airport to airport, but i might as well be worlds away.

When my husband and I were first married, we lived in London. That was the first time I experienced city living, and I quickly fell in love. I had grown up ensconced in the suburbs and always imagined raising my future children in a two-story home with a good fence, a swingset, and room for upward mobility.

Yet despite our similar upbringings, we found ourselves with a dream to live intentionally, so we packed up our raised ranch and left the suburbs of Connecticut for the city of Chicago while eight months pregnant with a toddler in tow.

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