Thursday, March 28, 2013

Redeemed - Psalm 49

Stepping back from the online world a bit these past couple weeks has been a lesson in discerning what is really important to me. It's been a gift. 

A wonderful writer and an encouraging friend, Stephanie has a series, Walking Through the Psalms. Each week I hope I will be able to link up, but I never find the time to get an entire post written. Today is no different. But this is something that is important to me, so let me at least share a thought or two.

As I spent some quiet time this morning, I read and re-read Psalm 49. One verse stood out to me.....

No one can redeem the life of another 
or give to God a ransom for them-

the ransom for a life is too costly,
no payment is ever enough-
so that they shall live on forever and not see decay.

And I thought of Lent, and Good Friday, and Easter and I scribbled one little thought in my journal.

"Grateful, so grateful, the ransom has been paid. It is not too costly for the One who holds the world in His mighty hands."

We have been redeemed. Thank you, Jesus.

May your week be filled with the wonder that is Easter.


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  1. Isn't it amazing that this Psalm fell on the week of Easter? Those little "coincidences" in faith and life amaze me. I absolutely love your focus on these verses. Yes, the ransom is too much for us to pay. So, so thankful for Jesus.

  2. It's nice (and necessary) to unplug, but great when you can jump back in when ready/able. Wishing you a happy Easter.