Tuesday, March 19, 2013

He Finished.

So, Sunday night my wonderful and talented husband turned in his FINAL final exam. He is now able to graduate in May with his MBA after working tirelessly for 31/2 years.

Glory be.

So yesterday I took the kids to school, ran some errands, took them to lunch, took them on a field trip, and then took them to the gym.


And when I got home I realized something. I'm exhausted. 

I know, I'm not the one who stayed up late studying and writing and going to class on top of a grueling and demanding job. But I'm the mom. And I'm tired nonetheless.

So it may be a bit quiet here for the next couple of weeks. I have some things I've neglected that I need to catch up on. Most importantly, stress-free cuddling. We need a lot of that around here.

And in the spirit of full-disclosure and transparency  my Christmas tree is still up. I should probably take care of that before anything else.

And Adam? You're amazing. We are all so proud of you. So proud.

See you all soon!

(P.S. If you just haven't already, you can come and visit me here. It would brighten my day. Truly.)


  1. Oh yey, huge congrats to Adam! That is an achievement indeed. And to you too, my dear. You deserve some rest, some celebration together and definitely a bottle of champagne! Enjoy your time off and all the cuddles :)

  2. Congrats to you both. Grad degree + raising kids means everybody worked hard, no matter the name on the diploma.

  3. Last summer, I took an entire month off blogging. It was scary, actually. I wondered how many followers I would lose. But, it was so healthy and good. We were doing a cross-state move. Life was full of transitions, and I needed time to rest and experience what was going on around me. In some ways, though, not writing felt more risky than writing.

    I am so glad you are taking a break now. It is worth celebrating and slowing down. I hope it is a rejuvenating time for you! Stay away as long as you need to and want to. There will be people eager to greet you when you are ready to return.

    Congratulations to your whole family!