Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Falling Back In Love

I started watching the History Channel's Bible last night. I don't know what I was expecting. I really don't. Somewhere in the back of my mind were memories of watching the Passion in a movie theater in London. It was so powerful. Brought up so many emotions.

But last night I sat there, watching somewhat detached. And I watched the story of Sodom and the crazy ninja angels as my husband chuckled at them and all I said was, "I see they chose to leave out the part where he offered his daughters up to the mob."

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And I spent the rest of the night and this morning wondering if I would have thought of that if I had watched it ten years ago. 


I grew up reading the Bible from a very young age. The alphabet cards in my Kindergarten class were all Bible based. 

A: All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

B: Believe ye on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.

C: Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right.

My first Bible was KJV all the way, cause that's how we rolled.


To find myself in this's hard. I've been following Jesus for 35 years. That's a long time. I haven't fallen out of love with Jesus. But the Bible? I sometimes wonder.

So reading Peter Enn's Inspiration and Incarnation as part of Kelley Nikondeha's Transit Book Club was so much more than a theological study. It was an invitation to fall back in love with the Bible, the first book I ever really read.

These smiles were very distracting this month as I attempted to read :)

Enns states: (emphasis mine)
As Christians we must remember that we believe not only that the Bible is the word of God, but that Christ himself is the word. What exactly does it mean to refer to Jesus as "the word" (as John does in 1:1-2 of his Gospel)? This could be answered in many ways, but I want to pick up on just one dimension: The Bible is God's word in written form; Christ is God's word in human form. This may sound like so much theological double-talk, but it is in fact a fundamental confession of the historic Christian church, and there is payoff for our topic here. The written word bears witness to the incarnate word, Christ. And what gives the written word its unity is not simply the words on the page, but the incarnate word who is more than simply the sum of the biblical parts. He is the one through whom heaven and earth - including the Bible itself - were created, and he is the one in whom Israel's story reaches its climax. The Bible bears witness to Christ by Christ's design. He is over the Bible, beyond it, separate from it, even though the Bible is his word and thus bears witness to him. 

Christ is supreme, and it is in him, the embodied word, that the written word ultimately finds its unity. Christ is the final destiny of Israel's story, and it is to him that the Bible as a whole bears witness. As Christians, this is our theoretical starting point (110).

The Bible is full of messy stories about messy people. And throughout the Bible God keeps stepping in, showing mercy and pointing toward the Incarnate Word that is coming to save this messy woman in her messy life. If that's not good news, I don't know what is.

God is breaking in. Breaking through. I want to be a part of that. I want that to be what I see when I read His Word.

So I am going to do the things you do when you are rekindling a relationship. I'm going to spend more time with my Bible. I'll give my Bible the benefit of the doubt. I'll keep it close to me. And I'll start to fall back in love.

On Thursdays we gather together to celebrate redemption. I'm so excited to be a part of this team! Want to join and write it out?

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I'm also linking up (late) at Kelley's for our monthly book club reaction. This month was Peter Enns' Inspiration and Incarnation. Join us each month as we dig in and discover together!

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  1. Love that you're falling back in love with the Bible and we can be in it together! Thanks for reading - even among those smiling faces!

  2. I had realized that I would read the Psalms daily. I would read my assigned reading from my Book of Common Prayer, but it was hard just to dig in like I used to. I think some is from that pendulum correction from years where I felt that it was never enough, and some from the fact that it just was too familiar. I'm so glad this was the first book of the series. I think I will be able to have a much fresher and expectant perspective for not only the rest of the series, but for my Bible reading this year as well. Thank you so much, Kelley, for making all this happen!

  3. Haha, about watching the Bible and the offering up of his daughters. I thought the same thing. I was glad they didn't do it though, becuase that would have made for some awkward conversation with my 10 year old daughter who was also watching. I hear what you are saying about the Bible. I really need to get back into mine.

  4. I rolled KJV as well. I've read and re-read the Bible in a number of translations and versions (they used to call them per-versions back in the day. Did you ever hear that?) In any case, sometimes my reading is dusty and dry, and sometimes it tastes sweet. It is indeed a love story.

    My pastor has often said the God's word and his Spirit--the presence of Christ within us--are inseparable friends. I know I need the Spirit to move me to love.

  5. Brenna, first of all, are you the one who sent out a tweet to me when I was out of pocket and not writing? I want you to know how much it meant, if that was you. Sometimes, to use Shelley's word this week, we feel invisible. Even to God. I'm so glad He used you to let me know I'm not. I'm grateful for readers like you, and so glad to be at your place--finally!!

    Secondly? I laughed all the way through this... KJV all the way--because that's how we rolled. YES! ~chuckle~ That was me as a child. We have quite a bit in common--I get you. I smiled at your baby girls' grins alongside your book photo. And the bright dress on your girl in the second photo? We have the same one <3

    This is what got to me and I laughed and tears stung and my heart welled up all at the same time: "God is breaking in. Breaking through. I want to be a part of that. I want that to be what I see when I read His Word.
    So I am going to do the things you do when you are rekindling a relationship. I'm going to spend more time with my Bible. I'll give my Bible the benefit of the doubt. I'll keep it close to me. And I'll start to fall back in love." Ahhh, Brenna, you get me. Love to you.

  6. The daughters? Absolutely glad they didn't show that! I just realized how sad it was that I thought of that first.....Finding the joy in the Word.....finding Jesus written throughout the whole thing. It's coming together. Blessings as you travel back as well!

  7. Thank you for these words, Nancy. I need to read my Bible with my heart more than my eyes. Yes.

  8. dramaticelegance1009March 7, 2013 at 6:55 PM

    i have this on DVD in my house right now, since we don't have the ability to get it in our house right now.

    i cannot wait to inhale this, to see and experience the Word come alive.

    visiting from dear emily's place today.

  9. Nacole, yes, that was me. You come to mind every so often and I pray for you and your sweet family.

    I get you too. Your post? So much of that was my story, just different circumstances.

    I'm keeping you close. Love to you too!

  10. I'm looking forward to watching more with a much better perspective! :)

  11. Messy stories about messy people, and He wades right in. Very nice. May your endeavor kindle a passion never seen before. Beautiful post.

  12. oh girl. you share my heart. messy stories about messy people. yes. i'm keeping my Bible close to me these days too. xo

  13. Thank you, Shauna, for those words!

  14. Much love to you, Em. I keep you close in my prayers.

  15. So thankful for a God that keeps stepping in to save this messy girl and her messy life!

  16. Brenna, this is so good. I feel I've been trying to fall in love with the bible again, after many years of faithful reading and then detachment, and I'm still on that journey. But if we keep it close (and Him close, the Word made flesh), I believe He will breathe on those embers and they will burn again. I'm finding for myself, though, that the rekindling is a different burn than I've had before - something new, not like I need to get back to the same thing I had in the past. And that, to me, is exciting. Thank you so much for these words - they stir my soul this night.

  17. No what I have found that helps? Reading my girls' Jesus Storybook Bible. It's beautiful and all points back to Jesus. Sometimes I read it along with mine just to help me keep perspective :) Blessings, sweet Amber!

  18. Brenna may you find renewed love as you fall back afresh into His arms..the Living Word. Bless you on your journey, sweet friend. Thank you thank you for stirring me up. Grateful, sister.

  19. I grew up with KJV too. Grateful to have a a bible bedrock. I too thought the same thing about them leaving out the offering of the daughters. At the same I had a great feeling of dread when the Angel of The Lord spoke to Abraham. God was just that close. Sin separates us from His goodness. There is a penalty for sin. It just gave me a reality wallop. I've been doing the bible in 40 days challenge and reading about God and His messy people. I'm messy too. But God is still merciful. As I keep reading, I am just more grateful for the sacrifice God gave us through Christ - our Redemption. I'm overwhelmed because Gods love for His children is unmatched, violent, and yet intimate.