Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Time to Play Catch Up

I had purposed in my heart to blog each day of November, but clearly, that hasn't happened.

Last week Adam was out of town for business and I was alone with the three girls.....and sickness.....I think we did pretty well, all things considered.

(She doesn't look TOO miserable, does she?!)

Sunday I meant to blog in the morning after church, but I couldn't corral all the girls and then by the time we got our last "Welcome Home, Daddy" sign made, it was time to have him walk in the door. And after that many days without my best friend, I wasn't about to spend time away from him!!

And yesterday? Yesterday I felt so sick, I still do. I think it's my body's way of reminding me that I work best in a team.


So here are some things that I have been thankful for....

051 - Knowing that my honey is almost home.
052 - Peace in our home, even when the littles are starting to get stir crazy.
053- Quiet evening with Legos and cuddles.
054 - Watching a movie with a glass of wine while the girls sleep.
055 - Texting your best friend and knowing that he is still in love with you.

056 - Knowing that the world carries on, even if you aren't there.
057 - Wonderful people who help remind you of #056.
058 - Little girls who work hard to welcome their Daddy back.
059 - That moment he walks through the door.
060 - Being back together.


  1. what a beautiful post Brenna!, You write with such a loving heart, one can't help but be moved.

  2. Beautiful writing Brenna! I had no idea you were so gifted in that area. Keep it up!

  3. Thanks, Nate! I always enjoy yours as well!