Monday, November 5, 2012

Shout Joy! (Coffee with Madeleine) - Day 5

One morning I had a cup of coffee with Grace. And I have to tell you, she visits me quite regularly now. And the more time I spend with her, the more clearly I see her. And yes, I think my Grace is actually Madeleine. She has become my imaginary mentor. I talk to her about raising kids in the city, living a life of love and grace, the need to get out to the country, and finding time to write.

So today, I will let my friend share a thankful moment.....


O sing unto God
and sing praises unto his Name
magnify him that rideth upon the heavens
praise him in his Name
shout it
cry it aloud upon the wind
take the tail of his steed
and fling across the sky
in his wild wake
he cannot be caught
he cannot be fled
he cannot be know
nor his knowledge escaped
the light of his Name
blinds the brilliance of stars
catch the falling dragon
ride between his flailing wings
leap between the jaws of the lion
grasp the horn of the unicorn
calling with mighty voice
caught in star flame
whipped by comet lash
rejoice before him
cry above the voices of the cherubim
shout alongside the seraphim
bellow joy behind kings
scattered by the quaking of his hills
fleeing before his fire
rush like snow through his thunderous flame
crying with gladness
adoration of his Name
God is Lord
(The Ordering of Love, the New & Collected Poems of Madeleine L'Engle)


021 - Homemade Beef and Broccoli for dinner
022 - Finding a kid cart at Trader Joe's to make the shopping that much easier
023 - Warm blankets and lots of cuddles

024 - Fun finds that make me super excited for Christmas cookies (It's a major award, you know.....)

025 - A chocolate cupcake paired with a glass of white wine

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  1. Oh! Madeleine and grace and leg lamp cookie cutters! It just doesn't get any better than that!!!