Saturday, November 10, 2012

May His Name Be Ever Blessed - Day 10

My Sophie is three years old. Three is a hard least so far in my experience. Two was fine, but three.....three is a whole new level. That mix of skill and independence coupled with physical and verbal limitations leads to chaos some days. 

A couple mornings ago we were curled up watching PBS and they explained that a pig has the intelligence of a three year old child. Pig = three year old. This explained so much. I have honestly been carrying on with much more grace as I think, "Is this the behavior of a baby pig? Yes? Then it's okay. We'll grow out of it." I know it seems odd, but it was truly an exhale moment for me. Thank you PBS for bringing me such perspective!

Last night I watched my three year old sleep. And love and appreciation washed over me. I thought about the tweet I saw last night - a three year old found not breathing - and when I saw that,my momma heart started breaking in a thousand pieces and my hands began to shake and my tongue began to tremble with prayers. 

It could be my girl, her girl, their girl. And I think about Kingdom living and the now and the not yet and how I always get tripped up when babies hang in that tender balance. And I don't seem as worried about adults, but shouldn't He keep His babies from harm?

The news comes that she passed away. And in the moment I am equal parts overflowing with gratitude for my three girls and frustration that prayers went unanswered. I just. can't. imagine.

I close my eyes at night hoping to reconcile it all, and I whisper prayers to the heavens.

So today I hold my girls a little tighter, laugh with them a little more, pray for them a more fervently, and try to remember each beautiful moment. 

"God gives, God takes. God's name be ever blessed."
Job 1:21b

046 - A supportive, hard working husband who loves me.
047 - Saturday morning Veggie Tales in the big bed
048 - Potty Training success!!! (or at least INCREASED success)
049 - Friends who share some Thai food and a glass of wine, telling stories and laughing, helping me bathe the kids
050 - Knowing that all my three girls woke up healthy and happy and with me.

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  1. Just popped over from your tweet. I've never heard that about pigs- priceless wisdom! With my firstborn, I definitely found 3 to be a harder age than 2.

    With my second born... we'll see. His 2's have been full of spitfire energy. I hope it doesn't get worse! Whenever he does something ridiculous, I am in the habit of responding, "What, are you 2?!?" Helps me remember that yup, he is, and I shouldn't overreact.

    It's also true that in the midst of these difficult times there are such precious moments. Sweetness that can be palpable. It is such a difficult balance- to acknowledge the weary and the trying while still being grateful for the moments of wonderful.

    Best to you as you try to stay in the grateful place a little longer. I think a thankfulness series is a great idea for anyone with young ones. It maybe would help us recognize those moments a little more.