Monday, October 11, 2010

Seasons of Change

There is something about the beginning of Fall that stirs me up and fills me with expectation. This September and October promised to be no different. But this year it feels that not only are just the seasons outside changing, but there is great change for me as well.

My wonderful sister officially moved out of her temporary home in our condo. While giving us back some room and some "normalcy" I do miss having her to laugh with and share with at any moment.

We had change in our small group from church. A second core family left which leaves us with a hole. My sense is that at the end we will see that this is the best for both the family and for the group, but at the moment it is a loss.

A dear friend of ours that we met through our group, Sandor - a 70 something Hungarian - discovered that his cancer had returned and spread. Within a three week period we found out, spent lots of time with him playing chess (well, my dear hubby did that!), said goodbye as he moved to Texas to be with his daughter, and then just four days ago discovered he had passed away. This weekend was spent at memorial services (primarily spoken in Hungarian) saying goodbye to a father figure and mentor to my husband.

So much change, it's easy to focus on how things die in our lives.....all these relationships changed - some permanently some not. But the process of fall is actually quite beautiful and without it, there would be no spring.

There is yet another change that happened this fall, and one that will most likely have the most profound effect on our lives....we discovered that we are pregnant with baby #3!!! So, come this spring, when everything comes back to life, we will be able to welcome another child into the world.

I am so grateful to serve a God who truly works all things together for good. Now just to keep trusting in the middle of change.

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